Audience members are invited to score each film by putting their voting slip in a box.


Any comments made are copied from the back of the voting slips.

25th September  STAN AND OLLIE

Excellent            20.7%       

Good                  57.9%         

Fair                     20.0%      

Poor                    1.4%       


9th October  THE FAVOURITE

Excellent            6.1%       

Good                 19.6%         

Fair                     35.8%      

Poor                   38.5%       


Would have been good but too long.



Excellent            83.3%       

Good                 15.4%         

Fair                     1.3%      

Poor                     0%       




13th November   THE HOUSE BY THE SEA  (LA VILLA)

Excellent            9.0%       

Good                 47.2%         

Fair                    34.0%      

Poor                    9.7%       

Superb cinema and how entertainment enhancing were the subtitles!! What a luxury it would be to always have them

I wish you would have subtitles on other films you show


27th November   CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?

NOTE: It was decided to experiment with subtitles for this film. Feelings afterwards were mixed, with more indicating that subtitles did not enhance their enjoyment of the film. To be reviewed on film by film basis.

Excellent            8.4%       

Good                 44.8%         

Fair                    37.7%      

Poor                    9.1%       

Very interesting concept. Without the subtitles I should have to have rated it 'poor' (not 'good'). Thank you very much indeed.


Very slow

Please choose some better films next year

11th December   WILD ROSE

Excellent            15.9%       

Good                 48.9%         

Fair                    30.1%      

Poor                    5.1%       

Needed subtitles


Better film


8th January   THE CHILDREN ACT

Excellent            51.9%       

Good                  41.6%         

Fair                      6.5%      

Poor                     0%       

Pillow talk does pay


Very thought provoking

Wonderful (but NO subtitles!)

If you ask for it you may not get what you ask for



Excellent            73.8%       

Good                  24.6%         

Fair                      0.5%      

Poor                     1.1%       

Excellent, brilliant


Heart warming, magical drama (but no subtitles)

Loved it

Too predictable. Been done before.




19th February   COLETTE

Excellent            19.2%       

Good                  60.3%         

Fair                     18.5%      

Poor                      2.0%       

I had no idea.


26th February           GREEN BOOK

Excellent            85.2%       

Good                  14.8%         

Fair                         0%      

Poor                      0%       

Sheer delight

It would have been better with subtitles

I feel cheated that Trevor [chairman] says we considered subtitles and decided against. Subtitles would have enhanced my enjoyment of the film.


11th March                THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN

NOTE: It was decided to use subtitles for this film but in the event, it turned out to be impossible to have other than an 'audio description'. When used before the 'she opens the door' version of subtitles had proved irritating.

Excellent            2.2%       

Good                  45.2%         

Fair                     45.9%      

Poor                    6.7%       

This film eluded me. It was 95% inaudible. What a pitiful waste of what I suspect was a film which had a meaning. I cannot rate it.



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